Tuesday, July 7, 2009

deseo aprender español

And that means 'i want to learn spanish', one of the 'to do' list items, a language that sounds very romantic to me.

We saw "Vicky Cristina Barcelona" few days back at home and I loved it when they played this soundtrack. The movie is in english but one of the characters loves to talk in spanish. She is the most loved character in the movie and also a winner of Oscar for best supporting actress in the movie.. as part of her thank you words on the stage, she says "Art in any form is, has been and will always be our universal language and we should do everything we can to protect its survival!" which is so true and a lovely statement.

In VCB, I loved the way the-only-word-i-understood i.e Barcelona, is being repeated in the song.. and it increased my urge to learn the language...

Thats all I know as of now but want to learn more, soon...

PS: I used language translator for the title :D


Suma said...


and so you must, especially since the urge has got stronger :)

Iya said...

u must u must..in college i learnt a bit of german and it was fun.my roommate had taken up Spanish so i even picked up some of it. now dont ask me about it, it was a good 4 years back!!

Anonymous said...

err.... !!

actually tried to speak spanish then i realised i dont know...

but surely learning newer languages should be fun... !!

Mridula said...

My newphew too was praising the movie, I will ask him to get it for me too! Good luck with your learning Spanish.

Solilo said...

Watch telemundo. :)))

Masood said...

All the best!!!

But Spanish? I remember Amit telling me how much he was fascinated by French.

Btw, Spanish is on my to-do list as well.

mindspace said...

@Suma: I will.. I want to... its just that I dont want to join a class.. trying to find some online tutorial.

@Iya: you have tasted all flavours, haan? yep, thats how it should be.. I have seen fascination for french, german, italian n spanish in many ppl.. wonder y!!

@Dhiren: :)

@Mridula: Thank you, I will need that when i start the lessons :) and the movie is nice.. go watch it.

@solilo: that's some spanish entertainment program or channel right? what all languages do u know solz? pls tell n inspire me..

@Masood: hehe, you need to include some nuts in your diet. I am fascinated by Italian, n thats more because of a handsome hunk of Italy :P, go ask amit!
Spanish because it sounds v musical and its said to be the easiest of all..

Crafty Shines said...

arre wah!!!!!
hola tara!!! me is late!!!

great!!! foreign language!!!! yes yes must to learn!

i had my tryst with french in school! i thot it wud be great n all!

but when ur marks are hanging on ur head...sigh...i had to shift back to hindi full paper for boards!


hope u learn tara!!!! then ur posts will be seasoned with spanish words!!! :D :D