Tuesday, July 14, 2009

My best gift to me...

~Disclaimer: Nothing in this note be pls considered as words of flattery towards anyone, by any means!

I will only be honest if I say that I love the idea of gifts. Whoever started it :) must be a nice soul.

Preeti’s post got me into thinking of all the gifts given or recd by me and what a lovely subject to think about so I decided to write a post on it.

`An online friend from Germany sent me a postcard and handwritten letter and a cute little teddy bear and her photo.

`Another online friend sent me a courier with a pretty dress material, a nice handwritten letter and some roli–chandan that has significance in Hindu rituals, as a wedding present. Her name happens to be Roli too.

In both the above cases, we have never met in person.. isn’t that out of the ordinary and special.

`A friend by name ‘gita’ presented me with ‘bhagwatgita’ the book.

Some gift ideas are very close to my heart. 3 such gifts (which I have given too) are

`a fish bowl

`an indoor plant in a chinaware

`travelling to another state for a single day to spend the birthday together, the first bday of spouse after we met. The gifting started there and is just going on. Sometimes the thoughts behind it is what makes it special, sometimes the shine of stones in the gift :P and sometimes the freshness and fragrance of those flowers coming in, in the middle of a night.

It doesn’t take me long however, to realize that the best gift that I can think of is what I gave myself. i.e. to get involved in the lookout for the guy I would marry, by making a profile on an online matrimonial site leading me to find the best for me..

Some time back, we were discussing ‘how marriages happen in India’ in a group with girls from India as well as places like Brazil and America. The concept of arranged marriages made them drop their jaws. They said they had heard of it but could never believe. Even the matrimonial sites they said was something new for them. Do they exist only in India? It was funny when we tried explaining them how all the criterion and filters are put in place in your profile. You get contacted by ppl who like ‘your profile’ and then things move further and one finds the partner n gets married.. Its weird and scary for them. But that’s how it happened for me. And the process was fun and full of experiences. While I met the guys suggested by family and their friends, I also got to know of many guys looking seriously for someone, through the net. The one I got married to within 6 months of having met through JS made the search and the time spent totally worthwhile. Not because he is perfect or I was. Because we are.. and life is beautiful with him.. Sounds cliché and how I wish he would not read this!! or maybe I should add something just in case he is reading it..

PS: only if he would not start singing n doing emotional atyachar at 10 every night to force me into switching off the laptop in order to sleep... ok, 10 is exaggeration make it 11, 12 or whatever!!!!

He says there is no point in moving into a bigger apartment coz he likes it how I am always around and to be seen in this studio. Smart ass ;)

God, bless us!


hitch writer said...

some one is really free today !!!

hitch writer said...

I love receiving gifts but m a reluctant gifter... but when I do... Its in style and expensive !!!

Rakesh said...

Dhiren, Tara is giving you competetion... lol Let's have a 'Navragiri Championship' The award will go to the one with the maximum number of words typed, either in a post or a comment on 1 day...

I love receiving gifts as well but the only gifts I've received are from my wife. All my previous girlfriends only used to take gifts from me :(

Crafty Shines said...


tara, i am a chronic gifter! :P

i know the comment on this line....bolo bolo...what do u want?? :D :D

i dunno how much i enjoy receiving gifts as much as i love gifting!

am forever on the lookout for things that any of my friends like and pick it up!! i love "no reason wala gifting" best of all! catch them unawares!!! :D :D

all those gifts u got are so meaningful! :) and touchwood for u and amit!!!

lol @ disclaimer!!!

so its reverse....u on laptop and he's singing for u to switch off! tee hee! :D


Solilo said...

I LOVE giving and receiving gifts. I actually always give a lot of thought into gifts. I understand their taste, requirement etc. before and give them something which they need and use.

My fav. gift would be flowers and candles. Nothing can beat that....may be Diamonds can.

Lyddie said...

Nice post! Havent heard from you since long....

Mridula said...

Lovely post :D

Preeti Shenoy said...

Lovely gifts you have got!
Best wishes to a lovely couple. Some months back i had written an article for a mag on finding a partner online. Had I known you then, would have talked to you!