Sunday, July 5, 2009

I read only 149wpm

when I took a reading speed test today(
I took 7 min 59 sec to read 1187 words... and the calculated speed of reading was 149 words per min. when i looked up in google to check what a decent reading speed usually is, i was not surprised. I knew i am a slow reader but i get a feeling today that i am pathetically slow :(

The average college student reads between 250 and 350 words per minute on fiction and non-technical materials. A "good" reading speed is around 500 to 700 words per minute, but some people can read 1000 words per minute or more on these materials.

Factors that Reduce Reading Rate (picked from
1.Limited perceptual span (word-by-word reading)
2.Slow perceptual reaction time (slow recognition and response to the material)
3.Vocalization (reading aloud)
4.Faulty eye movements (ncluding inaccuracy in placement of the page, in return sweep, in rhythm and regularity of movement, etc.)
5.Regression (needless or unconscious re-reading)
6.Faulty habits of attention and concentration (including simple inattention during the reading act and faulty processes of retention)
7.Lack of practice in reading—use it or lose it!
8.Fear of losing comprehension, causing the person to deliberately read more slowly
9.Habitual slow reading, in which the person cannot read faster because he or she has always read slowly
10.Poor evaluation of which aspects are important and which are unimportant
11.The effort to remember everything rather than to remember selectively

Just before finishing this post, I took one more test attempts and here is the result- 172wpm with 73% comprehension. This means while the comprehension is not bad, the speed is too less.

A little more about reading profiles as picked frm
110 wpm, slow reader, but you have many possibilities for improvement.
240 wpm, oral reader. You may rapidly and significantly progress by suppressing subvocalization.
400 wpm, auditory reader.
1000 wpm, visual reader. Your reading speed is the gem of your CV.

I am gonna work on it!
Will be back in a week with my new results..


asit dhal said...

thanx for informing all ab this.

fast reading is an acquired skill and is needed in most of the times !!!

Goofy Mumma said...

I won't even try this, i will be supremely humiliated!!

Prashanti :) said...

Interesting !!!! Lemme check too :)

Solilo said...


Will wait for your new speed. :)

Masood said...


Mridula said...

I am curious bout the test. But why do you wish to improve your speed? Is it needed? Is it critical?

mindspace said...

@Asit: I agree.. and that is why I want to work on it.

@GM: maybe you should try once. you might just surprise yourself..

@Prashanti: How was your result? I am sure way above mine :(

@Solilo: sure dear.. do you like reading slow or fast?

@Masood: ye hmm kya hota hai? tell me what is your speed.. take a test now!! i made amit do it too.. he too was faster than me :(

@Mridula: I was reading somewhere that with speed comprehension also improves.. and since i spend so much time reading stuff online, i think i will be able to read more in less time effectively if i work little on increasing the reading speed.. just like that..

side effects of joblessness i guess ;)

Anonymous said...

I wont try this... I have a bad habit of reading while omitting things... I just read way to fast often guessing a few things etc... and also always make mistakes... !!

Anonymous said...

this is interesting

let me go take the test and i will tell u the result :D

Anonymous said...

I am fast reader. But my comprehension sucks.
I would forget stuff.

But in most exams, the passage is there for you to refer back so its still helpful. Unlike this test which takes the text away. :)