Thursday, July 9, 2009

good morning..

After the usual morning chores I switched on the laptop at around 9. Opened few news sites, the updated blogs and my mailbox but before starting to read anything, i felt like listening to a morning song.. I typed vande mataram in 'you tube' and played the first link that popped up.

It was so soothing.. While listening to it, I carried on with my reading, replying, chatting, commenting etc.. I shared the video link with a few friends online as well coz I wanted them to hear it too..just like that... :) I am sure everyone has heard it before and liked it too. When I was a kid, this song used to be played every morning as the first thing when the transmission started on the Indian TV... ah! those days.

Back to today. After almost 2 hours I finally saw the picturization in this video.. it was playing in loops till then as I was busy reading other stuff... Its shot in mumbai.. of things that happen before the sun is up.. at local train stations and bus stops, of boiling tea & breakfast stalls, kids selling bunches of jasmine, the petrol pump, vegetables being stocked for the day's sale etc... and of the banner saying "mera bharat mahan" ... Its obvious that I liked the video as much as the song.

Let me just put it up here incase you want to listen to it and watch it too :)


Masood said...


hitchwriter said...

Fantastic Video... I loved it !!!!!!!!!

Thanks for sharing !!!!!!! its really beautiful and I think there is no better song than this to start the morning !!!!!!!!!!!!!

its distinctively Indian and the tune is eternally instilled in us... isnt it ??

Masood said...

Yeah, lovely song and awesome video.

hitch writer said...

the first proper comment was mine.. !!

Goofy Mumma said...

I loved the video Tara. It is indeed very soothing.

Crafty Shines said...

it was beautiful tara! what a way to start the morning!!!!

totally the spirit and essence of our country!



Solilo said...

Aaah Bliss!

I am first. Others are cheaters.

James Missier said...

what a beautiful heartwarming song. I really loved this one.
Thanks for sharing

hitch writer said...

Look at Slowilo !! she is one day late.. and she wants to claim she is first !!!!!

I hand it over to her... !!! WTG !!!

sunny said...

A song, which deserved to be national Anthem!
but original one in Bengali is also equally good.

mindspace said...

I knew you all would like the song :)
i express my heartfelt thanks to all those trying to grab the 'first' but it goes to James, the passionate garden owner who visited mindspace for the first time and left a kind note..

welcome James..
n thanks Masood, Dhiren bhai, Crafty, GM and Solzz.. we heart blogs for beautiful ppl like you share interesting things here.. isnt it?

Shalini said...

Yes, I love to listen so something soothing like this in the mornings too.