Saturday, July 11, 2009

Fishing for some cheer..

Amit is enjoying his book lying on the couch and i am almost stretched flat on my chair with legs up on another chair across the dining table, trying to keep my head straight and eyes on the laptop screen.. That after savouring a recipe i did for the first time.. "grilled fish in a customised sauce" and some cocktail made by him in an effort to fulfill my wish of getting drunk once in life. Its not often that i take pleasure in drinks, because of the smell and taste but its my wish to get talli once.. and today as he says, he can see that i have got that surur :) and i am enjoying the feeling.. you see, trying hard to keep myself positioned on the chair while I type this post..

I must thank GM for it was her suggestion to try the recipe. And the fish was special coz it was the harvest of a friend's fishing..

So today was a lazy friday for us. Amit worked from home. I slept almost the whole day. Something that i usually dont do as I kind of hate sleeping.. but when I sleep I am kumbhkaran's rishtedar!! In the evening, I played some songs devoting them to husband while he stepped into a loving avtar helping his wife and got into doing the dishes.. He cannot do the 'boring' household work if there is no good music on. After a while I got bored surfing the net and started my cleaning drive. We didn't realise but it was around 8pm when we both were done with our stuff..

The friend couple called that they are passing by to hand over a part of their fishing yield. P's husband had gone fishing to Fujairah some time back with office colleagues and got some big catches.

With nothing planned for dinner, I thought of GM's idea and put the fish out for dinner.

Here is the recipe: (quantities are all by estimate based on the fish size)
For the Sauce -
olive oil (extra virgin)
mustard sauce
ginger garlic paste
lemon juice
dried mint, kasuri methi and basil (i dont go by any rule usually, anything that I lay my eyes on is ok to be included in the experiment)
salt, pepper
fresh coriander, chopped.

Mix them all and put the cleaned fish into it.

Put the fish properly layered with the sauce on a foil.
Top it up with chopped onion and capsicum cut into thin long pieces.
(I rolled the onion n capsicum into the left over sauce in the bowl before putting it over the fish)

sprinkle some oregano over it, a lil bit of honey here and there and put it into preheated oven.
(my oven doesnt have temperature mentioned on the knob, which means i need to get an over thermometer, but till then, i am working in estimation. It has option to heat the oven from top and bottom both, but i use the top heating option as of now)

After 10-15 min of grilling (I dont know much difference between grilling and baking in practical terms btw) I checked it with a toothpick. Turned over the fish pieces and let it grill for 10 more minutes to avoid it being uncooked.

When I finally pulled it out, let me tell you it smelled devine. Even the insides of the pieces did not taste bland.. It was real good and without any side dish, we felt quite satistied.

It turned out to be just apt for our appetite. What a lovely feeling when your experiment results are good. It cheers you up.. or is it the magic of the drink ;)

PS: cannot think of any better title, its the surur i guess... :P


Goofy Mumma said...

Hey, cheers! And he fish sounds yumm. Now I have to try your style, with all the spices. I can already imagine the amazing aroma.

Anonymous said...

What is this? Recipes' are hard to understand without the actual sample...

But you managed to type everything without a spelling error or typo? You're not drunk enough gurl... Try again next time :)

Anonymous said...

Geez its my wish tooo to get talli once... I also cannot stand the taste and the smell.. but I m gonna do it once... !!! yes... cocktails will be the way to go...

and you keep the recipe.. some day cook it and feed re...

Anonymous said...

oh i am going to try this today

Masood said...

talli tu talli...tu talli hogayi....

i was less than 5 min away..and u didn't bother inviting me over for the fish!!!!!

mindspace said...

@GM: yes yes the arome.. the sauce smells nice too and then the final product.. lemme know after u have tried n how u liked it.

@Rakesh: you said actual sample as in picture to see or a piece to taste ;)

@Dhiren: I know, u keep telling this. But i think u are scared of trying :P
& somehow i am scared of calling u over fish dinner... I would not know how many to cook :P.. bhagoooooooo ;)

@Monika: so how did it turn out?

@Masood: tum na bus complain hi karte rehna.. aana mat kabhi ghar.. bus dominoz tak akar apne dost ke sath jo karna hai vo karke chale jaana.. like always!! ok??

having said that, where were u n doing what after 8 of friday evening at around less than 5 min from our place?? tell me boss!! amit told me you left for home after work????

masood said...

jab tak sahi se invite nai kia..mein nahi aana waala.. n dominos k saath ek alag sa rishta hogaya hai ab! :p

n yes, for once, i left work after 6 on friday...

we need to maintain balance na.. ;)

Just call me 'A' said...

i loveeeeee eating fish, esp the grill / bake kind and this sounds awesome. will try it next time for sure. put up a pic of your creation. will make us drool some more. so what cocktail did you drink? and did you get talli or not :)

in my limited knowledge, grilling is when the oil, fat, juices of the meat drop down into the bottom of the grill and the heat source is usually from the botton. the meat is usually more dry than moist. baking is when the meat is cooked in it's own juices and heat is usually all around (top and bottom) rather than just one side. with respect to meat (including fish) the meat is more moist and the food is not crispy. Congrats on the awards :)

Anonymous said...

Picture ki kya aarti karun? A sample of food is supposed to be tasted!!!

Solilo said...

Yum..drool. Me likes Fish fry.

So is it raining there? :))))))

Talli main talli main talli ho gayiiii

Anonymous said...

@Solilo: Raining? Yeah, it's raining sunrays - its 50 degrees!!!

Crafty Shines said...

hey tara!!!!!!!!!
u got talli??? how was it? how was it the next day??????

i got talli on wine....on empty stomach, me n my cousin sis finished a bottle of red wine at home....that night i walked nto every piece of furniture...woke up and had an awful morning! no more talli business for me...i thot i wudn't get drunk on wine....

so much cleaning! u are like monika from FRIENDS? :D :D :D

so sweet of Amit to help out too! :)

me no eats non-veg, but mom makes fish here regularly...typical Kerala style curry...i'll pass this on to her to try!


BK Chowla said...

The receipe sounds very tempting.I suggest this dish with Red will taste excellent.I am a habitualFish and Wine combinationwala.Try.

hitch writer said...

How mean... I dont even eat fish a lot as there is this typical smell I get from all sea food... so even if i would have eaten I would have probably taken a bit of biting... !!!

so so so mean... you think I am some guy with a voracious appetite who will eat everything in sight when I visit you ??????????

Dost Dost na raha....

mindspace said...

@masood: I have sent the card for print.. it should be coming soon n then i shall invite u 'sahi se' HUH.. give me iram's no will ya.

@Just call me 'A': Sweety I dint get talli.. whatever stage i reached i enjoyed that n was pretty sober there.. grilling gyan ke liye shukriya and the pic doesnt look as yum as it was, so i dint put that.

@Rakesh: Lookout for the new joint opening up soon "straight from tara's stove!" come over for free tasting!!! & solilo's joke, u wont get unless u followed out comment conversation sometime back on her blog..

@Solilo: you are so so sweet Solzzz... lets sway together on talli wala song :P

@Crafty:I have no idea what its like to be talli.. still on the journey :P and after all those accounts of its after effect i want to settle down at the stage i reached.. thats much better.. with halka halka surur (hope my FIL doesnt read this :)
& O' i am a freak for cleanliness but today my room is in such a bad shape.. all washed laundry spread on the couch :( me too lazy to do anything due to bad cold..maybe will hope that amit comes back home n extends some more help.. ha ha..
you are Veggie darling? no consideration for the plants haan? waisey I love both so what am i talking!!!

@BK Chowla: Thank you for the suggestion sir.. i must place a req for a red wine to be tried the next time we make this dish.. Amit: did u read this??? :P

@hitch writer: no smell at all in my preparation,particularly this one.. you gotta see to believe.. join us on the opening ceremony please.. you are invited!!!

aawwwww @ "so so so mean... you think I am some guy with a voracious appetite who will eat everything in sight when I visit you ?????????? "

Absolutely not!! infact i like the guys who have healthy appetite.. i loved the puja's mom did when she would call 5 or 8 guys for feeding them with the prasad as opposed to the kanya pujan where the tiny girls can hardly eat a puri... so continue to be like u are..
MAY WHATEVER U EATm SHOW ON U :D, in a handsome kind of way u know ;)